Imagine Lubbock Together, Lubbock, Texas




















Pressured by strong growth and handicapped by a 20-year hiatus in community planning Lubbock’s leaders sought to develop a community-wide strategic plan to help guide the city as it continues to grow. Gianni Longo carefully integrated extensive public engagement and physical planning steps into a lean 12-month public engagement process that included a highly interactive web site, face-to-face activities, a charrette, and the rigorous participation of an ad-hoc Steering Committee.


The effort swiftly became the largest public engagement process in the history of the city. It began with an extensive communication and outreach campaign involving traditional and social media and word-of-mouth outreach. It included rigorous technical work focused on community character, economics, and housing market conditions. It gathered thousands if distinct ideas through the web site and face-to-face meetings. It visited with nearly 2,000 participants including 900 citizen delegates convened to ratify the vision. Through the community charrette it helped residents visualize what the city had the potential of becoming.


The strategic plan has distilled all those ideas and comment into 12 elements and 23 specific steps with priorities and responsibilities identified for each. Implementation has started in earnest.