Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Policy Framework Plan

The illustration shows the land use patterns that should be encouraged in Central Lancaster County over the next 25 years. Rather than identifying specific land uses the Plan provides recommendations regarding the general character that should predominate in various parts of the region focusing on the retrofitting of neighborhoods and corridors, future growth opportunity areas, and core revitalization areas.






Multi-municipal comprehensive plans that are individually adopted by local jurisdictions are rare. Lancaster’s is the largest enacted under enabling. Gianni Longo’s methodology emphasized buy-in by the multiple jurisdictions, the extensive use of GIS tools, and the development of a Policy Framework Plan, an alternative to the conventional Future Land Use Plan. The Policy Framework Plan highlights commonality of character areas across jurisdictional lines. All 11 participating jurisdictions unanimously adopted the multi-municipal plan.


Growing Together: A Comprehensive Plan for Central Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is a multi-municipal plan that addresses all the required planning elements under the Pennsylvania’s Municipalities Planning Code. It addresses local requirements with a high level of specificity in the context of regional goals and priorities. To build trust and further regional awareness and cooperation Gianni Longo conducted specific outreach to engage the Amish, African American, and Latino communities as well as local elected and appointed officials. The focused outreach paid dividends in building consensus around one of the most innovative aspects of the plan: the identification of Growth Opportunity Areas. These are areas in the region where future growth is directed through coding and incentives.


The Plan was recognized with the American Planning Association—Pennsylvania Chapter—Daniel Burnham Award.