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Our approach is inclusive, transparent, and leading to informed decisions. It is lean to meet the challenges of the post recession economy. It quickly identifies shared, strategic, and trans formative actions. It positions plans for efficient and effective implementation.

We collaborate with a wide range of professionals across several disciplines including engineering, transportation, economics, communications, and sustainability. We tailor our teams to the needs of individual places and projects.

We have developed an extensive toolbox of techniques and tactics to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of community engagement. These techniques are described in Mr. Longo’s book “Vision and Visualization: People, Pixels, and Plans.”

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Gianni Longo has conducted customized multi-lingual facilitator training and facilitation workshops to help small groups and communities work more effectively.


Gianni Longo, Inc., was created by Gianni Longo, principal and founder of ACP Visioning+Planning, upon that firm’s dissolution. The new firm carries forward a legacy of three decades in the practice of community engagement, visioning, strategic planning, and urban design applied to neighborhoods, cities, and regions.

Our projects have been consistently recognized as outstanding examples of planning and community engagement in Chattanooga (Tennessee), in the Birmingham and Montgomery (Alabama) regions, in Lancaster (Pennsylvania), in Fort Wayne (Indiana), in Kona (Hawaii), and, notably, in New York City. Imagine New York: Giving Voice to the People’s Visions, was one of the largest public participation efforts to help plan the redevelopment of the World Trade Center and Lower Manhattan following the September 11 attacks.